When your connection was not successful you will see an error page similar to this:

Common error messages:

1.Product is not available in the upstream system

Mapping failed. This is usually due to the product ID in the external system doesn’t match the ID you’ve entered here. Please verify that the mapping code (External ID) is exactly as in the reservation system and that it matches with the Tour Option that you are trying to map.

Other reason might be that you did not enable the connection in your reservation system towards GetYourGuide for that very product. Please make sure you enable the connection for all the products you plan to sell on GetYourGuide.

2. Empty timezone set for product

This means that the tour option doesn't have a the time zone set on the reservation system or on GetYourGuide. Please make sure you do set the time zone in both systems correctly.

3. Mismatch between given datetime and timezone

This error occurs if you have different time zones set in your reservation system and in GetYourGuide. Please make sure you sync the time zones in both systems correctly.

If you need further assistance please use our Supplier Support  Contact Form “I have a question regarding API connection”. Please include in your message the tour option ID, your external ID and the error you received.