This document describes the process of mapping your products through connectivity. You can access this feature from your Supplier Administration account.

How to connect your products: 

  1. On the Home page, please click Manage Products

  2. Choose the activity you would like to connect, click edit.

  3. Choose the Options view (as all connections are happening on Tour Option level) 

  4. Select “Edit” next to Connectivity Settings

  1. Select your reservation system from the dropdown list and enter in your product ID from that system. If you are unsure about where to find your product ID, please contact your reservation system.

Upon clicking save we will test for connectivity and try to obtain some availability for the product. If this passes, the product will be connected using the new connection settings.

Please note we only move forward with connecting via API if the cut-off time on your inventory management system meets or beats the time we have listed for the product on GYG. This is important as 40% of our customers book last minute. We want to ensure the lowest cutoff time possible for our customers and with API connections we strive for a cutoff of 0 or 3 hours, though we accept a maximum of 10 hours. Please make sure to lower the cut-off time.


If there is an error while saving the connectivity setting you will see an error message like below:

This could be for a number of reasons such as the product ID is incorrect or the product hasn’t been enabled for connecting on the reservation system. For further clarification please consult our documentation on API failure reasons.