Firstly you are asked to select the type of availability.

Availabilities need to be added to price systems.


1.  Under each price system, click Add new Availability.

2. Give the Availability a name that relates to the season and year it is for.

3. Enter the start and end dates of the Availability. If you have chosen starting times (as shown in the following example) for your product, enter the times when the tour starts on each day of the week.

If you have chosen opening / operating hours (see the example below), enter the opening and closing times.

4. If you offer the product on special dates extra to the regular weekly times, you can enter these by clicking on Add new date under single/special dates.

Note: Always make sure that you avoid overlapping availability dates. If availabilities are overlapping, the system can't save them and an error message will occur (please see example below).



If the error message occurs please double check your availability set up.


Example Summer/Winter


Correct Set Up