This type of price system is for individual participants. You can add different prices for adults, youths, children, infants, seniors, students, and members of the military, as well as scaled pricing within these.

  1. Give your price system a name that relates to what the pricing is for. If it is for a specific season or language option, give it a name that relates to this. Also set the minimum number of participants that you need for the activity to run.

  2. Click the boxes next to each of the age groups (Adult, Child etc.) that you wish to include. Then enter the age range of each of these groups. Remember not to have any overlap of the ages otherwise the price system will not save.

  3. Next, define the max number of customers that can participate. This will be the same for each age group (see screenshot above).

  4. If you wish to have scaled pricing, click on the 'Add scaled pricing' icon. The scaled numbers that you enter here will be the same for each age group.

  5. At the end always remember to click on the "Save" button.

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