At GetYourGuide we use industry specialists to review and edit your products to make sure what your product entails is clear and appeals to our customers. 

Here is an outline of each section of the product page and what it should include. If your product does not include all the necessary information, you will be asked to make updates to the product before it can go online. 

Activity Titles

  • Titles should have this structure:

    • [Location]: [Activity Type] [Unique Selling Points/extras]

Description Summary

  • The summary should be 2 - 3 original short sentences that provide an overview of the product's unique selling points   

Full Description

  • This section should be 2 - 3 concise paragraphs that use simple English to avoid confusing customers

  • Focus on describing what customers will experience, instead of listing important details which can be found in other sections


  • The aim of the highlights is to emphasize what makes this product unique compared to other products on the market, not simply to list what is included

  • They should be short and should not be repetitive

Know Before You Go

  • This is information that impacts if the customer will be able to participate in the activity. It is the practical information that the customer needs to know before booking

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Inclusions and exclusions are a succinct overview of what the customer will get

  • Flowery and overly descriptive language is not necessary. For example: ‘a friendly and knowledgeable guide’ can be ‘guide’

Voucher Information

  • This information is important for the customer after they have booked, for example: please arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time

  • Phone numbers, email addresses, and the meeting point do not need to be written here 

Meeting Point or Hotel Pick Up

  • The meeting point should simply be the exact address. If a description is needed it should be as clear and concise as possible. It is not necessary to include bus or train information for the customer

  • By selecting ‘hotel pick up’ a question box is added to the check-out page for the customer to fill out

  • If there are specific hotels for pick up please list them 

  • If pick up is only available in specific areas of a city, please list the areas that hotel pick up is available in


Options Descriptions

  • An option description is not necessary but may help customers differentiate between the available options, for example, this option includes a light lunch


  • An activity requires 3 landscape images to go online

  • Pictures can not contain branding, watermarks or superimposed imagesBranding includes the supplier’s logo on the side of a vehicle or shirt that someone in the photo is wearing