What's Hyperwallet?

Hyperwallet is our new Payout Partner to cover all international Suppliers' Payments.

What are the benefits?

  • Hyperwallet  provides a local payout solution. You will get paid by local banking partners with a significant reduction on processing timeframe:

  • Faster fund delivery will let you access your payments faster than ever before and the new system enables us to cut many/all of the fund transfer costs and/or fees, meaning you keep more of your hard-earned money!

  • Real-time verification: your bank details get validated at registration points, drastically reducing payments bounces and delays.

What do you need to do?

Please follow these two simple steps:

1. step:

  • Sign in to your profile
  • Go to Account and select Settings
  • Click on Payment Details
  • Go to Enable local payments and click on Enable

  • Check your details, make sure they are up to date and click on Save

2. step:

  • Go to Payment Details and click on Edit

  • Select Local payment and re-enter all the necessary bank details

  • Click on Save to record the payment information

Please note: it is not sufficient to simply click on Enable local payments, but you must also reinsert their bank details into our system.

Since your payments will be localised and sent by local bank partners, the bank details fields vary from region to region.



Please note: the BSB identifier, which consists of six numerals, is split into two fields:
- BSB Bank Number: please insert the first three digits of your BSB identifier (bank identifier)

- BSB Branch Number: please insert the last three digits of your BSB identifier (branch number)

New Zealand




Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland:

Great Britain