Products can be uploaded to GetYourGuide only in English. Please do not request changes to the translation, all the changes must be done first in English and will later be updated in localized sites.

If your products are not prioritized for manual translation, translations will be automatically made by the Machine Translation which is integrated into

Our Localization Team consisting of native-speaking professional linguists is responsible for the high-quality manual translation and localization of products uploaded to our platform. Our decision to translate is based on customer demand, which means that the product will be localized first into the languages that generate most of your demand and revenue.

Please note that, according to our localization strategies, translations can differ in style from the original English versionUntil your products are prioritized for manual translation, we provide an automatic machine translation integrated into the website, as it has been proven to help conversion, especially for some markets.

Please also bear in mind that our Localization Team cannot make changes to automatic translations. However, if you make sure that prices and availability for your product(s) are updated for the upcoming year and that your content (inclusions, changes to the itinerary and duration, photos) is always up-to-date then we are sure your product will soon be translated into many languages!