While managing your products, we give you the opportunity to optimize your products. At GetYourGuide, we devote a lot of analytical resources in understanding why products perform or not and we want to share these findings with you.

When the "Optimize" button doesn't appear in the main page, it means your product already has an healthy set-up.

If it appears, it however means that there is an opportunity for you to improve your product and maximize your sales.

Loss due to Cutoff & Availability

Our business analysts came up with an algorithm that measures how often customers would like to book your product but can't due to either your cut-off being too high or your availability not being extended enough. This translates in revenue loss. By clicking the button as per above screenshot you can reduce cut-off time or add availability.

Minimum Participants

By having a low minimum participants number you can ensure a higher number of bookings. Ideal set-up is to have no limitation on minimum participants (Solo travellers represent 11% of our customers). You can reduce the minimum number of participants by clicking the button as displayed above.


Customers appreciate pictures and it influences their decision-making process. Ideally, a minimum of 10 pictures is considered optimal and boosts bookings. You can add pictures by clicking the button as per above screenshot.