What is a Mobile Voucher?

A mobile voucher is proof of a booking on a mobile phone. It makes booking for customers much easier.

What does a Mobile Voucher look like?

A mobile voucher will be on the mobile phone. For some people, it will be an image. For others, it might be shown from the GetYourGuide app directly. The details are the same as for a standard GetYourGuide voucher and include the booking number, name of lead traveler and number of participants.

Why should I support Mobile Vouchers?

GetYourGuide gets a lot of bookings through mobile, and suppliers who have enabled mobile vouchers, will get bookings. We expect that this will become even more important for bookings in the future. 

Mobile vouchers include your company in our mobile site and app directly. Right now 35-40% of our bookings are for tours and activities that are conducted in the next 24-hours, meaning that a large amount of our customers are booking while in destination. Many don’t have access to a printer, so mobile vouchers offer you the opportunity to capture these bookings. By not accepting mobile vouchers you risk your competitors getting the bookings and business instead. 

This better customer experience creates happy customers and we have found that happy customers write better reviews and better reviews pushes your activity higher in the page ranking, so that more happy customers can book it!

We have Mobile Vouchers as this is the direction the industry is heading so we are helping you to stay ahead.  

Another reason is that E-vouchers are environmentally friendly and save printed paper!

What do my Mobile Vouchers look like?

You can see sample Mobile Vouchers of your each of your products by following these steps.

  1. Log in here: https://supplier.getyourguide.com
  2. Go to Products
  3. Click Manage Products
  4. Click Edit Details

  5. Under Useful Links click on Sample Voucher

  6. Click Mobile Voucher

  7. See your Mobile Website and Mobile App samples here as a reference for your company