Add-ons are optional extras, which do not change the itinerary of the product. An add-on can be purchased during booking to enhance the experience of the customer and can be attached to the price system. Some examples are

  • souvenir T-Shirt;
  • photo CD;
  • DVD of the tour;
  • a bike helmet;
  • towels

How do I attach an Add-on to my product?

  1. Go to Products

  2. Select the product

  3. Click Options & Pricing

  4. Click Edit Pricing 

  5. Go to Add-ons

  6. Click New add-on

  7. Give the Add-on a title the customer will see

  8.  Enter the number of items & rate

  9. Click Save

You can also enter several different add-on's.

Tip: if the prices of the Add-on's differ depending on the number of Add-on's selected, you can add a new row and price by choosing Add scaled pricing and entering the prices in the new fields.