Products on GetYourGuide can have multiple Options when customers have various choices.

You should make new Options in your products if customers participate in a different language with different availability and/or pricing (not multilingual tours), if there is more than one pick up point or if the customer can book the product as a private group or if there is an optional meal for example.

The advantage of this is that you can make different price systems and availabilities within the Options and customers you will select exactly what option they need.

How do I add Options to a Product?

  1. Log in here:
  2. When logged in, go to Products
  3. Click Manage Products

  4. Click on Edit Details

  5. Go to the Options tab
  6. Click on + Add new Option

  7. Click either Create New Option, or Use an existing option as a template. If you use an existing option as a template, all the information from the option will be copied and you have to make some changes.  


  8. Copy an option, or Create new option and click Create.
  9. Describe the differences in the Option Title.
  10. Click Create

    Example: If you're adding a French Language option to your product, also change the name of the original option to specify its language.

  11. Change all information that is different.
  12. Click Save & continue.
  13. Click Edit Pricing to correct the price systems of the option (the original option won't change).

  14. The next step is the Availabilities. These availabilities are the same ones used for the first option. If you edit these, this will affect the original option as well. If there are different starting times for different options, you will need to click Remove then Add new Availability.

  15. Click Save & Continue.
  16. Define the Meeting Point for the option. 
  17. Click Submit OptionWe will check it and activate it as soon as we can.
  18. Repeat these steps for all the options needed.