What is VAT?

According to the Original 6th VAT Directive from 26 November 2006 (2006/12/EC), all companies providing taxable supplies must obtain a valid, unique EU VAT number from their home country. This VAT number allows you to record all transactions. Businesses can also provide this number to their foreign EU customers to ensure they are correctly charged nil VAT on intra-community supplies of goods or services.

Why does GetYourGuide need my VAT identification number? 

If the Supplier is taxable, then in certain circumstances it is they, and not GetYourGuide, who must account for the VAT. For this reason, GetYourGuide requires the VAT identification number of the supplier, so that we can verify whether it is GetYourGuide who charges the VAT or whether the supplier themselves will account for the VAT. If the supplier does not have a valid VAT number, then GetYourGuide will have to charge VAT.