Good Pictures

A lot of information is transmitted by your eyes. We all know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand worlds," why not put that to good use and update your pictures? We have found that by listing good quality, compelling photos that outline the narrative of the tour and shows customers having a good time is an ideal way to increase your conversion rate.

Strong Title and Product Summary

The first thing a customer will see is the title and abstract of your product. If you cannot grab their attention here, they will probably not click on your product to see the full description.

Solid Highlights

Every piece of information you include in the tour is crucial to making the potential customer an actual customer. However, the highlights are the one thing that stands out in the full tour description. Customers will likely see it and read it first, and therefore each highlight should be a full sentence that sells your product. Remember, if a customer is comparing products’ he/she will likely use the highlights to get a quick impression of the products.


Wording of the Description

Your choice of words might make the difference, and it can take a professional writer to get the perfect description. Not to worry, we have a team of copywriters that will optimize your tour text for you.

Constant Availability

Update your availability on a regular basis. Provide as many times slots and bookable dates as possible and provide last-minute availability (products with short cut-off times).

Also the booking engine plays an important role. Products set on automatically accepted bookings are more likely to book as customers prefer their bookings to be confirmed during booking. Customers are often booking in the destination so manually accepted bookings would lead to waiting times, but they prefer instantly confirmed bookings.


One thing that suppliers usually believe is a deal breaker is the price. We have found out that our customers don’t mind paying a bit more in order to receive a better service. Keep your prices always up to date.

Special Offers

Special Offers are limited time offers which you can make for any of your products. You can create a Special Offer or multiple Special Offers for any of your products GetYourGuide will share the risk with you and only take commission from the reduced price. 

Special offers will have a long lasting effect on your GetYourGuide ranking beyond the time it is valid for. The more bookings and reviews that you get, the higher your products will rank.