What is the Supplier Reference Number? 

All GetYourGuide Bookings have a GetYourGuide reference number (e.g GYG42597423). We understand that as a supplier, you might have a different internal reference number and we want to give you the possibility to add it. You can do so in the "Bookings" tab of your Supplier Administration system and click "Edit supplier reference number" (as per screenshot below).

How should I fill the Supplier Reference Number? 

However, please note that this field should be used only for reference numbers and not to communicate any other information to the customer.

Good examples: 

Bad example: 

What kind of code type should I choose? 

Please also note that we provide you the possibility to add a code (for example QR). You can see the different code types available in the drop-down menu (as per screenshot below).

However, if you do not use codes, please always make sure to select "text" as the display then becomes confusing on our voucher if a code is selected and a text is inserted (as per example below).