The GetYourGuide Supplier App enables you to scan GetYourGuide vouchers, allowing you to:

  • Accept mobile vouchers for all of our mutual customers; and
  • Be 100% sure about the customer voucher (if it is not a fraud, booking still active, was not yet used…)

How to Scan?

There is a scan button located on the bottom right of each page of the supplier app. 

From there, you will access the Scanning Screen and scan the GetYourGuide voucher by pointing the camera to the QR code.

What happens after I scanned the voucher?

After you scan the voucher,  you will have the result of the scanning which can be 4 different statuses:

  • Valid
  • Valid but wrong time (customer booked for earlier or later)
  • Redeemed (ticket was already redeemed before)
  • Invalid (QR code not valid, possible fraud or cancelled booking)

From there, you will be able to redeem the booking if you have the “Valid” result (even with wrong time).