Only shoot in good weather

Avoid shooting your tour or activity on grey or rainy days. Sunny weather helps you get the most out of your photoshoot.

Use bright images

Avoid shooting directly into the sun and make sure there is enough light when shooting your tour.

Keep the focal point in the centre

Frame the subject of your photo in the centre of the shot.

Take a photo of the meeting point

Make sure your customers know where to start your tour or activity! Include a landmark or any recognisable features of the meeting point in the frame.

Landscape photos

Portrait (vertical) photos do not display correctly on your tour or activity page, so only take landscape (horizontal) photos.

2:3 ratio

The ideal ratio between width and height should be 2:3. For example, a photo with a height of 2,000 pixels should have a width of 3,000 pixels.

Show the experience / What to take photos of

Take photos that show as many different aspects of your tour or activity as possible so customers know what to expect. Shoot a variety of photos at all stages of the tour or activity to show what’s included. Take photos of the participants, the sights, the tour guide and any transport used. The best tour pages have a selection of photos that tell a story.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 01: Bike Tour

Example 02: Entrance Tickets

If you want to know how to upload your pictures, please read our article Adding pictures.