Please choose between a duration and validity:


This is the length of time that your activity will run (for fixed-length activities). Please be accurate about this, as customers like to plan the rest of their day.


  • 3 hours city walking tour

  • 1 Day trip from city A to city B

  • 1.5 hours cooking class

  • 30 min helicopter flight

  • Airport transfer that will take 45 min


Validity is the length of time your product is available to use within a certain time period. There are 3 types of validity: 

  1. Valid on the booked date (e.g. a museum entrance ticket that can be used within the opening hours)

  2. Valid for a period of time from the booked date (e.g. an entrance ticket valid for 2 days from the booked date)

  3. Valid for a period of time from the first activation (e.g. a city card valid for 3 days from its first activation)

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