Define the location the tour or activity starts and give precise details for the customer about where they will be met or picked up from.

  1. Meeting Point, Pick-Up or Drop-Off Location

    Select the pick-up type from the drop down list and enter accurate details about the pick-up.
    Include an address, any landmarks and give as much information as possible so that your customers know where to find you.

    You can choose between meeting point or hotel pick-up. Choose accordingly from the drop down list.

    Meeting Point & drop-off location

    Pick up at hotel, separate end point 

    Meeting point, pick-up at hotel possible

  2. Enter Starting Location

    Enter the pick-up point into the box and click Search map.
    If the location cannot be found on the map, try searching for just the street or even the city.

  3. Adjust Starting Location

    Once the location has been found on the map, move the orange ball to the precise meeting point, or if you offer hotel pick up, just leave the ball in the centre of the city.

    Below the map, select the accuracy of the starting location, which you have put on the map.

    You can choose from exact, or approximate, depending on if you have given a fixed meeting point, or if you cannot point to exactly where the pick up will be (hotel pick up).

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