Photography Guidelines to Help You Get More Bookings

Photos are one of the most important elements influencing customers to book your tour or activity on GetYourGuide. Customers are more likely to book tours that have good quality photos. Low quality images can reduce a customer’s trust in your service and discourage them from booking your tour or activity.

The Basics: What You Need to Know

JPEG File Format:

Upload photos as JPEGs, the standard photo format for the web.

1600 pixels Minimum Width:

Photos should be at least 1600 pixels wide so that they appear sharp and in good quality. Check the "properties" to see the photo's size. Those that are too small will be pixelated. 

No watermarks or embedded logos:

Images with embedded logos and contact details are not allowed.

Copyright You own the rights:

Do not upload photos unless you own the copyright. You are solely responsible for any copyright infringement if you use photos without permission from the copyright owner

How to upload photos to your tour or activity page

You will be prompted to upload photos when you create a new tour or activity on your profile via the GetYourGuide supplier portal. You can add new photos to your tour or activity page at any time by going to ‘Edit product’ then choosing ‘Edit’ in the Pictures section. You can also use this tool to delete photos.

Key things to remember when uploading photos

  • Upload a minimum of 3 good quality photos to your tour page. We recommend uploading 3 to 10 varied photos to illustrate your activity.

  • Choose your best photo as the “Main Picture”. This is the first image that people will see. It will be displayed as the thumbnail for your tour or activity in search results, so choose the photo that best represents the experience.

  • Don’t mislead customers. Only upload photos of things that are actually included.

To know more about how to take great photos, please read our article Taking great photos: Dos and Don'ts.

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