After you log in to the supplier administration page, click on the Reviews tab on the left side of the screen. Here you will see all the reviews you have had, and you can click on any of them to expand them and see what the customer wrote.

These reviews will be shown in your public supplier profile as well.

When can a customer write a review?

Reviews will be accepted from our side in the following cases: 

  • when the customer has taken part in the tour and the review evaluates the experience (negative or positive)
  • when the customer mentions only the conditions of the activity (ex. bad weather, crowded, many stairs etc.)
  • when the review does not contain any text
  • the customer is mentioning GetYourGuide (without evaluating it) but assesses the activity at the same time.


How are reviews taken into consideration?

Reviews are a crucial and a very important part of our system. They are heavily weighted into the algorithm that ranks your activities in the search. Furthermore reviews reflect the customer’s opinion who attended the activity and other customers really take them into consideration before making a booking.

Can I get a bad review taken down?

Although we understand that you might be unhappy with an unfavourable review we cannot remove reviews, since they reflect our mutual customers’ experiences and provide future potential customers with a lot of clarity. The only exception will be made if the comment gives no relevant information (this will be decided by our team responsible), or the customer is only complaining about GetYourGuide and not about the activity at all.

GetYourGuide reserves the right to remove a review for the following reasons:

  • the review contains profanity, racism, religious racism, etc
  • the review refers to a scenario that may result in a legal action
  • the review contains advertisements, spam, or links to other websites
  • the review is only about the GetYourGuide booking process or service
  • the customer did not attend the activity
  • the review is for a different activity or booking
  • the customer contacts GetYourGuide and requests, in writing, to remove the review.
  • the customer made a mistake (for example, the text is positive but the star rating is negative)
  • GetYourGuide has provided incorrect information about the tour/activity/service