The communication between you and the customer varies depending on whether a booking has been made and also whether it has been confirmed or not. Once a customer has booked and the booking is confirmed, you and the customer will get all the contact information of each other, establishing direct communication. Before the booking has been made, all communications go through GetYourGuide.

When a customer asks a question prior to booking, our customer service department gets it and we try to answer the question ourselves. In case we don't know the answer or have insufficient information, we will forward the question to the supplier. Please note that our customer service department oversees all communication and is able to edit the messages. Neither customers nor suppliers are allowed to exchange any contact information prior to a booking being made. If this information is exchanged, it will be deleted by us.

Please answer all your questions within 24 hours of being asked. Remember customers are waiting to make a booking on the other side, and the longer they wait, the more unlikely it is that they will ultimately book.