What is an insurance policy?

This is the third person liability insurance used in case of an accident during the tour or activity. If you work with a waiver, please upload a copy of this. Your insurance policy will only be used internally and will not be displayed on the website.

The type of insurance depends on the types of tours and activities of your business.

Does the insurance policy need to name GetYourGuide as additionally insured?

No, we do not need to be named as additionally insured.

What if my insurance policy is not in English?

You do NOT need to translate your insurance policy if it is in language other than English or German.  We have team members who will be able to verify if the document is correct.

Is a waiver/disclaimer form acceptable as an insurance policy?

A waiver or a disclaimer form that customers would sign before the tour begins is acceptable only in special cases. Please contact your account manager for more information.

What if I do not have an insurance policy?

An insurance policy is designed to protect your business and your customers in case of an accident during a tour. In most countries, all tour operators are obliged by law to have an insurance policy. If you do not have an insurance policy, please contact the supplier team through our contact form to explain the reason why.