1. Why are valid payment details important for a smooth payment process?

Having valid and correct payment details is crucial to ensure a seamless payment process. Our ultimate goal is to mark the payment details as confirmed in the supplier's portal, which can be accessed under Finance > Payment Details

2. What happens when I edit or add payment details?

When you edit or add payment details, our Supplier Experience team initiates a validation process. This validation is essential to prevent errors and delays in the payment process.

3. How does the verification process work?

For security reasons, our system automatically triggers an email to your registered email address (primary account). The subject of this email will be :

"Important: Review and confirm changes made to your payment details." 

This email serves as a recap of the changes you made. Simply follow the instructions in the email to confirm your payment details. Once confirmed, we will be automatically notified, and our team will manually review the payment details. No further action will be required from your end. After verification, you will receive an email confirming the acceptance of your new payment details or informing you if they are invalid.

4. How long will it take for the Payment team to validate my new payment details?

The validation process is generally straightforward and timely. To ensure you receive payments on time, we recommend suppliers edit their payment details before the 3rd of each month (assuming the payment details are valid). This prompt action will help in processing payments promptly.

5. What happens if my payment details are invalid?

If the payment details are invalid, the "payment data status" will show as "Invalid" on the supplier portal. In such case, you will be asked to edit the payment details accordingly. An email will also be sent automatically to let you know.