We’ve created a navigation experience to reflect your everyday tasks and needs:

Where can I find my tasks in the top navigation drop-downs?


This is where you’ll create anything that’s brand new, such as a new product or special offer:


Head here to edit, modify, extend, or alter any product or special offer in any way. 

This is for any product that’s online or you’ve already started creating. This includes tasks such as managing availability, product content, or special offers.


View, organize and execute on your bookings here. This includes viewing your bookings lists and scanning GetYourGuide tickets.


This dropdown contains any data, feedback, or information that GetYourGuide shares with you so you can optimize your products.


Find anything related to payouts, billing, invoicing, or tax etc here.


Click here to access all our FAQs or to contact the support team.

Account (Your company logo or first name) 

Manage your account, including finding all information relating to your account, company information, and referrals here.