If you are experiencing payment-related issues, our Supplier Experience Team is here to assist you. Before reaching out to us, we recommend checking the available articles in our FAQ section as most information can be found there.

What payment issues can we help you with?

- Tracking your payment status

- Editing your payment details

- Understanding how payments work

Before Initiating a Request: Mandatory Information

To expedite the resolution time, please ensure you provide the following mandatory information when initiating a new request related to payment issues:

1. Name of the Beneficiary Account: This information can be found on your supplier portal in the top right corner where the name of your company is located > Company Profile > Legal Requirements > Legal Company Name

2. Email Address of the Primary Account Holder: You can find this information by clicking in the top right corner where the name of your company is located > Account Settings. If the email address used to open the query is the same as the primary account holder's, you do not need to repeat it.

3. Payment confirmation reference: This reference can be found under Finance > Payment Confirmations. It typically starts with GPS-XXXX.

Importance of Providing Mandatory Information

These three pieces of information are mandatory to ensure the security of your account and streamline the resolution process. If you fail to provide these details initially, our Supplier Experience Team will request them from you later. Providing this information will significantly reduce the time required to resolve your payment issues.

Additionally, we kindly request that you refrain from opening multiple queries for the same issue. We understand that payment issues can sometimes take time to resolve, especially when involving third-party entities like payment providers. Rest assured, our team is committed to working diligently to address and resolve these matters as efficiently as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we navigate through any complexities that may arise during the process.