What are the important payment cycle dates?

  • On the 2nd/month: Invoice is automatically generated

  • Between the 2nd and 5th/month: if your payment details changed, they are in the validation process 

  • 5th and 17th/month IF payment details are validated, payment is issued

Payment run process

  • The payments are issued around the 5th and 17th of every month.

  • Only suppliers who selected to get paid twice a month will be included in the mid-month payment run

  • It can take up to 7 working days to receive the funds, depending on the country, currency and the method of payment selected

  • You must have completed entering your documentation information; otherwise, your payment will be blocked. For more information on what is required, please see here.

Validation process

  • Verification and validation of the changed payment details happens 2-3 business days before the payment run. 

  • If the payment details are validated, an invoice will be sent via email on the 2nd of each month

  • To avoid unnecessary delays in receiving payments, refrain from changing the payment details between the 1st and the 5th of any given month

Change of payment details

When changing the payment details, please be aware of the following : 

  • Every change to the payment details : name, spelling of the name, method of payment (PayPal vs. bank account), beneficiary address, additional information, etc.—must be reviewed manually.

  • Change of payment information between the following dates 1st-5th of the month, can affect and/or delay the payment from the previous month (invoice generated for the period of the 1st-31st of the preceding month)

*In order to avoid delay or failure of the payment, please avoid changing the payment details in the dates 1-5th of the month.*

Be precise in providing the payment information:

  • Contact details (Telephone number, email address of the beneficiary)

  • Beneficiary name (this name should match exactly the name on the bank account), 

  • Beneficiary address

  • Bank address 

  • Any relevant reference information (BSB code, routing number, sort code, IFSC code etc.)

Table of the required information:


Important: If you are not sure about the accuracy of the payment information, please double-check with your bank to avoid potential delays and failed payment

For any questions regarding your payments, please use the contact form on our website and provide the following : 

  •  Your Supplier/Reseller ID reference

  •  The main email address of your account (if different from the one that you are sending the email from)

  •  Name of beneficiary

  • The payment reference (GPSXXXXXXXXX)

Please make sure to select ‘Payment’ via the Contact Form and depending on your issue, choose between ‘How Payments work’, ‘Payment not received’ and ‘Invoicing'.

Useful Links

If you are unsure about your payment details, check the following links below:

Online tools for checking the accuracy of payment details :