We want to empower you with the analytical tools you need so you: (1) know how to get the most out of your experiences, and (2) offer customers what they say they want in their reviews. 

That’s why we now offer personalized review analytics and insights where you can access your activity review data. This means you can learn from the customers themselves about how to best optimize your experiences, which can help to attract more new customers. Your data will refresh automatically on a daily basis. 

With these insights, you can see what’s going well, what could be even better, and then optimize with clarity. See what your customers like, read top tips on how to improve your review rate and review scores, and even see breakdowns of the data for individual activities (with some information to help guide you along the way). 

We also want to hear from you — feel free to give us feedback in the surveys provided on your analytics’ pages. Tell us what you like, how helpful the insights are to you, and what actions you plan to take.

Click here to get started. 

General review analytics:

Individual activity analytics: