You can add major sites or points of interest to your product quickly and easily.

Locations can be added while initially adding a new product. You can also add locations to products that have already been created.


To add locations to existing products:


  1. Go to Products > Manage products > Edit details.

  2. Go to Edit Product Info > Location, on the left sidebar.

  3. Add a major site or point of interest in the search bar. If it’s not suggested, you can search for it with Google Maps. 

  4. Add the location and choose the visit type. Select “Outside only” if the location is only seen from the outside, and “Entrance” if visitors will enter the site.



Requesting Locations


If you would like to add a location, you can submit a request for it to be created. Before requesting a location make sure you have searched for it in our system with the correct spelling.


  1. Input your requested location in the search bar.
  2. Go to Search on Google Maps > Select your desired result > Add location.


Typos will not be recognized however, known aliases will be. Only submit requests with the official name of the location, not the address of the location.






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