You can customize your contact details and notification settings at any time to specify where you would like notifications to be sent. Other members of your company can also receive email notifications concerning product quality, bookings, reviews, accounting, and customer questions.

Under Account > Account management, you will find 2 tabs:


1) Contacts and notifications

2) Account access


1st tab: Contacts and notifications


To add an additional recipient:


1. Go to Contacts and notifications > Add a new contact.

2. Enter the details of the contact person you’d like to add > Save.


4. Go to Activate Email Address.


A confirmation link will be sent to each email address. A contact is not active until they confirm their email address to activate their account.  

Once the email address has been activated you can alter the notification settings.


1. Go to the 3 dots icon next to Notifications > Edit this contact.


2. Click on the checkboxes for each address you want to add > Save changes.


Note: If you don’t need the notifications any longer you can simply uncheck the box.

To find out how to manage who can access your account and how to change their access rights, check this article.

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