Thank you for your input in our survey! We will take into account your feedback to better serve your business in these challenging times. You can have a look at some results below. 

How useful is the information we have been sharing in the past weeks?

More than 60% of respondents find it useful or very useful and consider it helps them better manage their business. 25% of the respondents were neutral while 15% does not find the information helpful.

What topics that we covered are most interesting for our partners?

The number one voted topic is advice on how to better prepare for recovery, followed closely by data and trends on the impact of the current situation.

You can find the most popular article here:

What are other topics partners would like to hear more about?

There are two topics that were frequently mentioned: how to get products ready for when demand returns and data on demand recovery.

We will continue to share our insights as we gather more data from booking trends, research with travelers and our teams around the world. In the meantime, you can listen to the thoughts of our co-founder Tao Tao on what might change and our approach to quickly adapting to new traveler behaviour.

To stay up to speed with recommendations from our local team and regional trends we advise partners to follow our webinar series currently covering Italy, France and North Africa, Spain, Portugal, UK and Ireland, South and East Africa.

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