Did you know that activities with 7 keywords make on average 2x more bookings than activities with zero keywords? This means there is a chance your products are not fully optimized on the GetYourGuide platform and that by tagging more keywords to some of your activities, you might be able to expose your activities to more customers! 

Please enter only keywords that are relevant to your activity. These keywords are used to make sure your products show up in front of the right customers. If irrelevant or unrelated keywords are added, this will negatively impact how your product is ranked across the GetYourGuide platform.

Please review products that have fewer than 7 tags to see whether there are any additional relevant tags you can add.

Where can you see this?

Log into the GetYourGuide Supplier Portal.

Check your products to see how many keywords are tagged to them.

Enter a keyword into the search bar.

From the drop down list select the keyword you are looking for.

Click Add to add a keyword that doesn’t come up in the search.

Click on a suggestion to add a related keyword.

Go to Save and Continue.