During these difficult times, GetYourGuide teams around the world are still working hard for you. We’ll continue to keep you informed on the latest updates from authorities and proactively share data as we pinpoint opportunities to build a stronger foundation together for an inevitable tourism upswing.

  1. Travelers around the world with existing plans are feeling spooked

Over the past 2 weeks, our customer service inquiries have tripled, and our global cancellation rate has doubled, indicating increased global hesitation around leisure travel.

  1. People are paying close attention to travel restrictions and closures. 

In response to the US travel restrictions announced late last week, demand among American travelers and for New York as a destination dropped from -66% relative to forecast levels down to below -80% within 24 hours.

  1. People are avoiding some types of travel experiences more than others. 

City cruises, hop-on hop-off buses and day trips are the experiences least affected by COVID-19, although the impact is still significant: these categories are down an average of 69% vs forecasts. Attractions are the hardest-hit, with entry tickets and related experiences down 84%.

  1. People are putting new trip planning on hold.

Globally, bookings for new experiences are down more than 90% on GetYourGuide vs. our demand forecasts for the past three weeks. This is true across the board, with travelers from nearly all countries thinking twice before booking.