Just like you, we want to keep travelers up-to-date with everything they need to know, whether they’re on-trip or thinking of booking. We also know that understanding what, when and how to make these changes can be particularly tricky at this time.

In order to help you know how to best maintain your inventory, GetYourGuide has some handy tips: 

1. It’s recommended to postpone sending content change requests for areas subject to rapid changes, as they may become redundant in a matter of hours. You’re probably already doing this, but keep an eye on the news for your local area for more information. 

2. Use the availability in the Supplier Administration to block out dates if an activity is suffering from temporary closures or restrictions. This will prevent negative experiences for travelers. 

3. It's recommend to limit change requests to the following categories

  • Information about working with and keeping up-to-date with the local Health Authorities
  • Hygiene measures (e.g. hand sanitizers, cleaning practices, and how travelers are impacted by them on-trip)
  • Symptom monitoring and its impact on travelers (e.g. temperature taking) 
  • Information about at-risk groups, as established by the WHO (e.g. senior citizens, people with serious chronic medical conditions)
  • Temporary closures and restrictions, without mentioning dates  
  • Reducing participants to small-group sizes or a private activity, to prevent large groups. 

Thank you for helping to serve our customers and their well-being as best we can in this uncertain time.

If you have questions please let us know.

Your GetYourGuide Team