In order to help you best maintain your inventory, GetYourGuide has some handy tips: 

  1. Blocking out dates
  2. Displaying COVID-19 health & safety arrangements
  3. Essential COVID-19 related change requests on tour itineraries & inclusions
  4. Using the change request feature on your supplier administration site 

1. Use the availability in the supplier administration site to block out dates if an activity is suffering from temporary closures or restrictions. This will prevent negative experiences for travelers. 

2. Displaying COVID-19 health & safety arrangements: The health and safety measures that you are putting in place for your customers can be selected for each product in the supplier administration site. After clicking on 'Edit Product Info', use the section titled 'COVID-19 Special Information' to indicate the measures you are taking.

You can select from the below health & safety measures. Once you have ticked the relevant measures and clicked 'save', the updated information will be visible to customers in a separate section on your activity pages.

To remove one of these health & safety measures from an activity page, simply untick it and press 'save'.

Health & Safety Measure

Why it’s important

Bring your own headphones

Make sure travelers are prepared to bring their own headphones for the activity as they cannot be provided for health reasons

All required protective equipment is provided

Give travelers notice that all protective equipment, such as a mask, is provided by you and they will be expected to use it throughout the activity

All customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned

Inform travelers that hygiene is a priority and extra cleaning measures are in place

Social distancing is maintained in vehicles

Inform travelers that vehicles won’t be full and there will be sufficient space between each passenger

To reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited

Notify travelers that the activity will be less populated than it would normally be and social distancing can be maintained

Bring your own mask 

Ensure travelers bring their own protective equipment and are prepared to use it throughout the activity

You must fill out a travel/health information form

Give travelers notice that personal information must be given in an information form

Temperature checks are mandatory

Prepare travelers for mandatory checks

You must book this activity online, as the ticket office is closed

Make sure travelers can enjoy your experience and are prepared by buying tickets online in advance

Please note: Only add health measures such as “bring your own mask” if it is a requirement to go on the activity.

3. For essential COVID-19 related change requests relating to itineraries and inclusions (see below examples), please make the request in the 'Information before booking (optional)' section under 'Logistics'. Please include the phrase COVID-19 in the change request

  • Temporary itinerary changes, closures, and restrictions, without mentioning dates
  • Meal plan or other temporary changes to what is included

Examples of essential changes:

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions this tour is currently not visiting Westminster Cathedral
  • Due to COVID-19 the included buffet lunch has been replaced with a packed lunch

Examples of non-essential changes that should not be requested:

  • Social distancing of 2 meters is required
  • There is a new walking route at the attraction

4. Change requests are limited to the following most essential sections. They are found under Logistics when you click on Edit Product Info:

  • Information before booking (optional)
  • Information after booking (optional)
  • What's included & what's not included
  • Meeting point, pick-up and drop off descriptions

5. It’s recommended to postpone sending content change requests for areas subject to rapid changes, as they may become redundant in a matter of hours. You’re probably already doing this, but keep an eye on the news for your local area for more information. 

Content is edited according to the GetYourGuide style guide to ensure that your product has the best chance of success on the GetYourGuide platform. If essential, permanent changes are made to a product (e.g. inclusions or itinerary) the content team can edit the product title and other relevant areas.

Thank you for helping to serve our customers and their well-being as best we can during this uncertain time.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Your GetYourGuide Team