It is important to check that information in your external reservation system matches that found in GetYourGuide's system so that your product can connect properly.

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to connect. Here you can find the most common reasons:

Invalid product

  1. After entering your booking system from the dropdown list and your product ID you will receive an automatic error message if something is incorrect. 

  2. Double-check that the product ID matches the ID found in your reservation system and the product that you’re trying to connect. 

  3. Make sure you enable the connection in your reservation system for all products you want to connect. 


No availability


If there are insufficient availability slots in your product it won't be able to connect.

  1. Check that you have available booking slots in your external reservation system. These need to be connected with GetYourGuide.


Invalid ticket category


The reservation or booking call specified a ticket category that is not configured for the requested product.

  1. The ticket categories such as adult, child or senior, do not match the ones set in GetYourGuide and the ones in the reservation system.

  2. Make sure you have identical ticket categories on both systems.


A reservation test will be triggered and this error will appear if this is not consistent.


The given date and time zone do not match


You have different time zones set in your external reservation system and GetYourGuide system. 


  1. Make sure the time zone is the same in both reservation systems.

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