In order to change the content of a product that is already online, you’ll need to request an edit for each specific section that requires changing. The clearer you are when requesting a change, the faster the change will be approved. Requests should only be submitted when you need to update factual or key pieces of information.

All sections of the requested changes must be in line with GetYourGuide’s guidelines.

To submit a change request:

  1. Go to Products > Manage Products.
  2.  Select the product you wish to update > click Edit option.
  3. On the left-hand side menu select the product area you want to request a change for.
  4. Go to Request Changes.

  1. Use the blank spaces to list your changes > Submit your request.

Note: The text in grey is the current text that is being shown to customers. You won't be able to click on this and edit it directly.


Once you submit a change request it will be assessed by the content editing team who will decide whether it can be approved or not. Its status will be updated accordingly.


Once you have submitted your change request it will appear as New in the Changes History.



During this time our Content Department will be working on the Change Request. You will see it pending in the Changes History.



Once the change request has been approved or rejected, you will get an email and a notification in the system stating that your request has been processed.

Approved change requests

If your change request is approved you will receive an email notification letting you know that the content has been changed. No further action is required.

Possible reasons your request could be rejected:

Aesthetic Changes

This means that your request was not to change key information or facts. Due to the high volumes of requests and our internal style guide we cannot make purely aesthetic changes.


Requests to embed marketing or branded content will be rejected. 

Not in line with style guide

Content on our site is edited to match our tone of voice and style. Editors work on content to ensure products are informative and appealing to customers, to help increase bookings.

Tour has been re-written/ new tour

Only changes to specific sections can be approved. If you are changing the entire product then please create a new product.

Do it yourself

Only changes to content should be submitted as change requests. For anything else, you’ll need to contact B2B supplier support.

Request not clear

The content editing team can only make a change if your request is written in English and is understandable. For this reason, make sure that you write clearly.

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