You can connect your activities via an Application Program Interface. This will allow you to have a real-time overview of your inventory, which can be shared with other OTAs. Doing that you will have one source of truth, the Reservation System in place, enabling faster and simpler coordination of your activities and bookings. Via the API you can share: availability, reservation, booking and cancellation.

40% of customers book last minute. By having the lowest cut-off time as possible for your product, you could increase the number of bookings. API connections have a maximum cut-off time of 10 hours, however 0-3 hours is the recommended cut-off time.

How to connect your products:

  1. Go to Products > Manage Products.

  2. Choose the activity you would like to connect > Edit details.

  3. Choose the “Options view”. 

  4. Select Edit next to “Connectivity Settings”.

  5. Select your reservation system from the dropdown list > Enter in your product ID > Save.

The connectivity will then be tested and availability will be set for your product. Once this is completed, your product will be connected.

Note: Your product will only be connected via API if the cut-off time on your inventory management system is shorter than or the same as the time listed for the product on GYG.

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