After submitting your product, it will go live instantly on the GetYourGuide platform to start receiving bookings. As such, it’s important that you review the information you have provided before submission to check everything is correct.


In the week following the activity’s publication, your product will be checked against GetYourGuide’s conditions and policies, as well as checked for overall content quality. This process is to ensure that your product is optimized to make it more appealing to potential customers.


Some products might be fully rewritten according to our brand tone of voice. Whether your product is further optimized in this way will depend on how well your activity is performing, so it’s important to set your product up for success from the start. 


After your product has been checked, you will receive an email notification informing you about one of the following statuses regarding your product:


Approved and ready for bookings

This means no content issues or optimizations were found with your product, and nothing was changed. According to our data, this represents only 1% of products submitted.

Approved (but modified) 

This means possible content optimizations were found within your product and fixed by our team of content editors, for example, a missing location tag was added. The notification email will just explain what was changed for informational purposes.

No further action is needed from you — any edits made by the team were made to make sure that all new content follows our guidelines. This status accounts for about 38% of products submitted. 

Requires further action


This means possible content optimizations were found within your product, which could not be executed by our content editors directly, and this is why your action is needed. The product stays live on the GetYourGuide platform, but you should follow the instructions in the email to optimize your product for better conversion rate and fewer customer contacts/complaints. 


An example would be that you should upload a picture of the transportation type used during the activity. The product will stay live in the meantime, and there will be no further follow up from us, so you are solely responsible for the optimization of your product. This status accounts for about 46% of products submitted. 

Resubmit for quality check

This means a major content or configuration issue was found within your product. In order to prevent problems with customer trust and satisfaction, the product has been taken offline. The email will inform you of the exact content problem, and what should be done to correct it. This status accounts for about 14% of products submitted.

These are the reasons your product would be quality failed:

  • Content is not written in English 
  • Missing information (e.g. there is no information about what happens at lunchtime on a day trip)
  • Contradictory information (e.g. inclusions and exclusions say the same thing)
  • Activity seems to be a duplicate of one of your other products
  • Activity should be set up as an option in another one of your products
  • Activity needs additional options added
  • Cancellation policy is not in line with GetYourGuide conditions
  • Meeting point or pickup information is not clear or precise

How to reactivate your product

Please correct your product so that it can be reviewed again. When the appropriate changes have been made and if relevant, please reactivate the product from the supplier administration site. To do this, click "Activate Product" in the left-hand menu below:

Please be aware that your republished product will be reviewed again later, so if the severe content problems have not been resolved, it will be taken offline once again. 


How to reactivate your option(s)

If the option was set to quality check failed, you will need to reactivate this too by following the instructions in the portal (click the 3 vertical dots and click "Activate").


This means the product is not suitable for GetYourGuide or is prohibited on our marketplace, for example, animals are not treated fairly during the activity. This makes up about 1% of products submitted. The activity will be taken offline permanently.


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