You can receive payment for your bookings, minus the commission fees, on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

Payments are calculated on a monthly basis and scheduled for the 5th working day of the month following the successful completion of a tour or activity.

To check your payments:

  1. Go to Account > Payment & billing

Note: If in a certain month, the total amount of the payments does not reach $50, GetYourGuide is entitled to postpone the payment. Payments will be released in the next payment cycle once the $50 threshold has been met.

Biweekly Payments

With the biweekly payment system, payments are released on the 5th and 20th of every calendar month. By selecting this option, you consent to GetYourGuide increasing your contractual commission rate by 2 percentage points on subsequent bookings.

To change your payment frequency:

  1. Go to Account > Payment & billing > go the Payment details tab

  2. From the Payment settings section click on > Edit and Save changes

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