You can download your invoices directly from the Supplier Administration. There is no need to send an invoice as all your bookings and payments are recorded through the portal.

To download your invoice:

  1. Go to Account > Payment and billing.

  2. Go to the second tab Invoices.

  3. Click the 3 dots icon on the right-hand side > Download invoice.

Invoicing Customers

If a customer requests an invoice you need to provide it. As GetYourGuide acts as an intermediary between you and the customer we cannot provide it. 

Below, you can find more information about the intermediary model:

  • The GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH operates an online platform as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android, which mediates customers to your company. 

  • With the supply of its online marketplace (like Amazon or Ebay) at the GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH acts solely as an intermediary and not as the customer’s direct supplier.

  • As part of the intermediation the GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH initially handles the payments and processes the customer funds on your behalf.

  • The GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH imposes an intermediary fee (plus VAT), agreed upon with your personal account manager, which charges the intermediation of the customers to your company (cf. illustration e.g. 20€) This fee will be deducted from your revenues made on the GetYourGuide marketplace and retained at the end of each invoicing period (cf. illustration GYG issues a credit note of e.g. 80€ and retains the intermediation fee). These fees present costs for your company and we recommend considering those costs while calculating your advertising price on the GYG website.

  • You will receive an invoice compliant with applicable VAT regulations each invoicing period, which shows the amount of the intermediation service.

  • Please keep in mind that your company is the renderer of service to the customer and therewith, you have the responsibility to provide him/ her with a form proper invoice. All necessary information on the customers intermediated to your company are attached to our monthly intermediary-invoice and can be downloaded as an Excel-Sheet from your personal online account.

  • Since the GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH is not allowed to provide services on tax consultations, we kindly ask you to consult with your accounting department or tax adviser on particular questions.

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