You can manage your personal information, privacy, and payments directly from the supplier administration. 

The account section includes the most important information concerning your personal account details such as your supplier reference number, the commission set up, your company contact details, the notification settings, and the payment details. 

The Account Settings tab consists of 4 sections: General, Account, Notifications and Payment Details.

General account settings

This section includes your company contact details which are given to customers once they book. Your contact details are also used as your billing address (invoice’s header) so make sure that this information is always up to date. 

To update your company contact details:

  1. Go to Account > Settings > General

  2. Go to Edit > Modify the necessary information > Save.


In the “Account” section you will find your supplier reference number. 

The number starts with S and is followed by a series of numbers. For e.g. S1234.

This number is your identifier for GetYourGuide's internal processes. Providing this number in all your communication with the supplier support speeds up the identification process and helps reduce mistakes.

Documents needed for your account


After confirming your application, you are required to upload your company registration and your liability insurance.


Company Registration:

This is your business license that proves that you can legally run your business. It must be written in the name of your company.


Insurance policy:

This is the third-party liability insurance that covers you and your business in case something happens during your activity.


The document should include the following:

  • Your name/ company name

  • Expiry date

  • Coverage of the insurance


To upload your documents:


  1. Go to Account > Settings > Account.

  2. Insurance PolicyEdit

  3. Company Registration / Business LicenseEdit.

  4. Upload the right document for each section.

The “Commission Rate” section is where you can check the commission rate set up for your account.


You can customize your contact details and notification settings at any time to specify where you would like notifications to be sent. Other members of your company can also receive email notifications concerning product quality, bookings, reviews, accounting and customer questions. 

To add an additional recipient:

1. Go to Notifications > Edit next to the contact details you wish to change.

2. Select Add new contact information.

3. Enter the details of the contact person that you would like to add > Save.

4. Go to Activate Email Address.

A contact is not active until you confirm the email address. A confirmation link will be sent to each email address you enter to activate it.

Once the email address has been activated you can alter the notification settings.

1. Go to Edit next to Notification Settings.

2. Click on the tick boxes that you want to add the address > Save

3. Note: If you do not need the notifications any longer you can simply uncheck the box.

Payment details

The payment details section is where you can update your account details which can help reduce payment delays.

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