Uploading your product with accurate information can help it move through the approval process faster. Only tours uploaded in English will pass the quality check process. If your tour meets the guidelines, your content will be edited to align styles. You will be notified if any changes are needed. 

To upload a product:

1. Go to Products > Create New Product.

2. Select your product type > Save and Continue.

Product Name

Titles should let customers know quickly what your product is. To help you keep track of your products, input your own product reference code or name.

1. Go to the search bar and type in your product title.

2. Go to the product reference code search bar and type in your reference code or name.

3. Go to Save and Continue.

To write a title:

1. Follow the structure: Location: Name/ Type of Activity + any Extra Information.

2. Everything you write should be in English.

3. Avoid writing full words in capital letters.

4. Avoid using descriptive words like “amazing” or “best”.

Do: Berlin: TV Tower Fast View Ticket

Don’t: Amazing Tickets to See Berlin From the TV Tower

Adding Basic Info

Adding information to your product is important for customers so that they know exactly what to expect before booking.


1. Choose if your tour uses any mode of transportation during the activity. (Note: This does NOT include             transportation used for pickup) by clicking Add entry.



a. Your tour is a walking tour which includes picking up the customer in a van, your answer should be “no”.

b. Your tour is a segway tour which includes picking up the customer in a van, your answer should be “yes”.

If your answer is no you can proceed to the next question.

If your answer is yes please choose the mode of transportation used during your activity.

For certain modes of transportation, you will be required to answer further questions such as:

“Is your vehicle air-conditioned?”

“Does your vehicle have wifi?”

“How many seats does your vehicle have?”

2. If your tour includes multiple modes of transportation (ex: Camel and Bus) please make sure to include all of them.        Click Add entry to add a second mode of transportation.

3. Select Yes if your product includes a transfer to a new location, and No if your product takes place in the same location as the starting point.


4. Go to Save and Continue.

Guide and Tour Info

1. Select the kind of people your customers interact with.

2. Select “Yes” or “No” from the pop-up questions below.

3. Go to Save and Continue.

Food and Drink

1. Select “Yes” if food is provided and “No” if it is not.

2. If “Yes”, enter the type of food in the search bar or select a type of food from the list underneath the search bar.

3. Repeat for the Drink section.

4. Go to Save and Continue.

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