Special Offers are limited time offers which could help to increase visibility for any of your products, and could increase the number of bookings (for that period).

You can create a Special Offer or multiple Special Offers for any of your products on the following conditions;

• A minimum of 10% off the original price

• Offered to customers for at least 2 weeks

• Available to a minimum of 5 people per day

GetYourGuide will share the risk with you and only take commission from the reduced price.

How to Add a Special Offer

Follow the steps below to add Special Offers to your products. Remember, that once you publish the Special Offer, you will not be able to edit or remove it.

  1. Log into your account at https://supplier.getyourguide.com
  2. Click on Products Specials Offers

  3.  Dialog box: 

Create a new special offer box opens. 

Product and option
From the drop down lists, select the product and option (you can add Special Offers to one or multiple options, but they have to added one after the other, not at the same time), that you wish to add the Special Offer to.

Special offer period
Fill in the start and end dates of the Special Offer. Remember that a Special Offer must be at least 2 weeks long.


You can decide to include all seat/pax of the product or you can choose a specific number (minimum 5). Once these places have been booked, the Special Offer will end.

Move the slider to the percentage that you wish to discount the product by (minimum 10%).

Once you are satisfied with the Special Offer, click on create new special offer.

4. Once the offer is active, you can easily edit/delete/ pause by clicking on the three dots on the top-right corner of the special offer and selecting the relevant tool.