1. Sign into supplier.getyourguide.com.
  2. Click on the Products tab.
  3. Click on Manage Products.
  4. Find the product you wish to update and click on Edit details.
  5. Go to the Request Change tab.

Relevant Fields & Change Requests

  1. Tag the field(s) you would like to change (multiple fields may be selected)
  2. In What Should Be Removed type in which information should be removed (if any)
  3. In What Should Be Added type in which information should be added (if any)
  4. Click the Submit button

Example 1: Lunch is no longer included in the tour price

Relevant Field: Tag Inclusions & Exclusions

What Should Be Removed: Lunch is not included anymore

What Should Be Added: There is actually nothing to add

Then press the Submit Button.

Example 2: Meeting Point Change

Relevant Field: Meeting Point, Pick-up, or Drop off Location

What Should Be Removed: Old meeting point not valid anymore

What Should Be Added: New meeting point: Alexanderplatz, in front of the Galeria Kaufhof Shopping Mall, 10178 Berlin

Then press the Submit Button.

Example 3: Guided Tour now includes Skip-the-Line-Service

Relevant Field: Product Title, Description Summary, Option Title, Highlights, Detailed Product Description

What Should Be Removed: (stays blank as only new information is to be added)

What Should Be Added: Skip the line at the Cathedral (be very specific about where exactly the skip-the-line service is offered, so that it is clear for clients, especially if different places are visited)

Then press the Submit Button.

Example 4: Hotel Pick-Up now included in the Tour

Relevant Fields: Customer Details Request, Inclusions & Exclusions, Meeting Point, Pick-Up, or Drop off Location

What Should Be Removed: Hotel pick-up from Exclusions

What Should Be Added: Hotel pick-up is included now

Then press the Submit Button.

Change Requests for Tours with Multiple Tour Options

It is also possible to submit changes for multiple tour options such as English and German Tour, Private and Public Tour, Tour with/without Lunch, Tour with/without Transfer, etc. Please see some examples below.

Example 5: Meeting Point Change for 2 Tour Options

Relevant Fields: Meeting Point

What Should Be Removed: Old meeting point not valid anymore for both tour options

What Should Be Added: 

New meeting point tour option A: Street Name, Address

New meeting point tour option B: Street Name, Address

Then press the Submit Button.

If you added new tour options (i. e. for new languages), please rename the tour options accordingly.

Example 6: Tour Option Title Change for 3 Tour Options

Relevant Fields: Option Title

What Should Be Removed: Old name of Tour Option Title

What Should Be Added: New names for tour options titles

Tour Option 1: English Tour

Tour Option 2: German Tour

Tour Option 3: Spanish Tour

Then press the Submit Button.

We will then process your change request accordingly.


Once you have submitted your change request it will appear as New in the Request History Box.


During this time our Content Department will be working on the Change Request. You will see it Pending in the Request History Box.


Once the change request is done you will get an email notification and a notification in the system to say that Your Change Request has been Processed.

In case the change request cannot be approved, the Content Department will contact you for further information. Change requests can be rejected if the information given is not clear. So please always keep it as short and precise as possible. If the change request is not a mandatory tour itinerary related change the request will be rejected as well.

You can always follow up with your change requests in the Request Change History Boxes on the bottom of the page.

Please note: The Change Request Tool is for text changes only. Availability and pricing updates as well as uploading new pictures can be made directly in the Supplier Administration.