1. What is this Photo and Video Project about?  

GetYourGuide started the Visual Project to upgrade your products visually in order to boost the performance of your products. The aim is to create a cohesive collection of pictures that establishes a visual narration of the product. The photos capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to book the product. Our tests have shown an increase of the upgraded products between 5% and 7% in conversion rate. 

2. How does it work?

GetYourGuide has a network of visual freelancers (photographers and videographers) around the world. Whenever we have a photographer/videographer available to join your product and the conditions are good for a shoot (weather/light conditions, customers participation) you will be contacted. We will ask you to approve a free of charge booking link for two people in order to get the freelancer and his model to join your tour in order to photograph/film it according to the style guides we have created with our visual team over the last years.

After the shoot GetYourGuide will take care of the selection, post-production and payment of the content. We shoot the tour and activities during the main season and post-produce in the off-season. This will mean that most products will be uploaded during winter time while photo shoots will take place during summer time. You will receive a notification once the product is uploaded.

3. How can I help the photographer?

Make sure that the tour operators are aware of him and exchange contact numbers in advance.

4. What is the legal framework for a visual content creation like this one?

Legal issues which could arise are GetYourGuide's matter, you will not be charged/held responsible for anything.

5. How do you proceed with tourists participating in the tour which might be portrayed in the photos/videos?

The photographer will provide a model to join him on the tour. By signing a model release form the model agrees to be the main character of the visual narrative and is thus in the focus of all images.

6. Is there a way to make use of the content GetYourGuide produces?

Due to the fact that our network includes some of the best visual content creators around the world, it would not be fair to share the benefits of the visual content with our partners. We want to offer you an exclusive photography upgrade consisting of a set of professional images every two years, or every relevant change to your product. This service coincides with a change of your commission rate. Get in touch with photoservice@getyourguide.com and learn more about the GetYourGuide Photo Service.